Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kindness to ALL, and to ALL a good night...

                                                                      The path to Kindness


Just for today....................I will bring kindness and cheerfulness where I go,  I will remember that everyone in front of me is fighting a great battle.  I will remember to be kind to everything in my presence, including structural, mechanical objects, animal and human beings, and I will allow this peace to enter into every pore of my body.  I will imagine a light shining forth from my heart.  Today I am the sun and I will bring warmth and gentleness to my surroundings.  I will not forget to show enthusiasm for everything, saying YES and THANK YOU to all.  I will be interested in others and my world and I will attempt to stay awake to the energies around me.  If I encounter sadness or anger I will silently bless the person in front of me by repeating within myself. "We are loved, We are safe. We are held in the heart of the God, Goddess, Great Spirit."  We will repeat this whenever we need to.

"We are loved, 

We are safe. 
We are held in the heart of the God, 


and the Great Spirit."

Off stage cues: Bless you, bless you , bless you.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Have an Irish Day!!!!!


I am celebrating my Irish roots, and dreaming of a hike along the coastline there.  Today it pours dogs and dogs and I love the sound of it.  I am in a happy mood and remembering that happiness is a choice, a discipline.  It is not the world that makes us happy, it is something we give ourselves permission to do in the presence of something grand, beautiful, pleasant, or good.  So it is not the amazing sky at sunset at the beach, nor the hug we get from a friend, or the nice meal we prepare for ourselves and friends, but how we value those things that actually gives the joy.  

The Buddhists talk about having our karma CHEERFULLY.  No matter what is in front of us in our day, we can remind ourselves that 1) it is a transient state, 2) that it may bring blessings beyond what we can see, and 3) that we can choose to hold it lightly and let it carry us forth,  over and over again to another place.....even if we do not know where it is taking us.

We are held, always in the heart of the universe.  "Each flower is a symbol of the Infinite trying to express itself." Paramabansa Yogananda.   And we could say that each LIFE is a symbol of the Infinite trying to express itself...

I leave you with a Celtic Cross.............Sit for moment, focus on an image,  and allow happiness to come to you........

                                                  Celtic cross

Offstage cues: Permission, Cheerful Karma, Redefining joy.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Sunday Morning!

''"And we are put on earth a little space,
That we may learn to bear the beams of love,''

William Blake