Friday, September 27, 2013


Hiking along the Rogue River I find these lovely mile markers.  Each so lovingly carved into images of the wildlife and wild lands, animals and tree forms.

It got me thinking about how we mark our passing through the world. 

                                                    What trace do we leave behind us?

These were so lovingly crafted.  I felt as if I were actually in the presence of the artist.  I felt the chisel against the wood.  I sensed the images coming into the mind of the sculptor.  Each work took me into the space of the person who lived so deeply into his or her time.  Deeply into the process of creating from an inner drive or image.
I think the meditation is to think about the traces of us that we are leaving behind for the next few days...

Do we leave art?  Do we leave a pile of trash?  Do tend to the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World?
And how have we done that?  Honoring our own creative energies?  Admiring and supporting those who do this work?  Or do we tend a garden, make a loving feast for ourselves and others, sing a song, write a letter?  It is a contemplative state.  One of watching.  One of knowing that time is passing.  Our time is passing.  What have we brought into consciousness in this world, and how do we leave that behind us?

 Cue Words:  Footprints, Artistry, Meditating on the passage of time, Beauty

Saturday, September 21, 2013



The wind took nearly every leaf.
I stand quite still in the Equinotic spin,
And feel my silver naked trunk
Shine in last night’s moon.
I feel the sliding liquid drop into root
And spread below the stone.
Seeking aquifer.
I find I am so deeply thirsty.


The crops are in.
The peaches and pickles
Are up in jars along the basement wall.
And I am heading in.
Stomping on the back stair,
Heading in.
Inward to the warmth,
The core,
The roots of things

My own hearth awaits my feet.
My fingers curving around my soup,
The whole snap and smell
Settle me.

I know winter comes again,
And this time, I rest.

B. Misty Wycoff
21 September 20013
Los Osos, CA

Friday, September 20, 2013


Autumnal Equinox is a moment of balance in our universe. It is the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading southward.  This year it will occur on Sunday September 22nd at 20:44 GMT. 

There are many festivals in our world to note, celebrate or contemplate this astral event.  There are feasts of harvests, trumpets, booths and fruit.  In the Feast of Tabernacles which is also known as the Feast of the Ingathering, there is a spiritual component as well as a seasonally based celebration.

It is a time of year when the temperature drops. The deciduous trees are losing leaves and we are bringing in the fruits of our summer crops.  It is a time of both gathering in and letting go.  The metaphor reaches me in a mindful way.

There is a calming sense to this time of year for me.  The busyness of the summer months, the long days the warmth slip into another consciousness. The first thing I want to do is to put up the fruits of my year.  And like a turn of the century prairie wife, I want to enjoy the sight of the jars of variety and color that I have contained.  The word satisfaction is present for me, or is it completion? We seem to be so often seeking and I am not sure there is enough resting, enjoying, savoring what we have taken in, what our endeavors have brought to us, and how we have processed them. This is what we can do now.  We can sit for a time with our our events and allow the full measure each experience to be with us.

The second part is held in the imagery of the annual separation of leaf from tree.  This is not the act of a buzz saw, but simply the release to fall.  Does a tree mourn?  Or does it see itself in another incarnation, the spare garment of winter? We enter a time when we need not the fluttery dress of leafy boughs. Our energy is needed deep within us.  Feel your emotional and spiritual roots digging into the earth, grounding, pushing through stone and seeking the aquifers within. 

It is a time to begin feeding from the deep water.  Still yourself and drink deeply, and rest.

HBD to me!  Blessings to all.   Misty

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The word education comes from root words that mean “to draw out”.  So when we are educated, we are “drawn out, or drawn into something, an idea, a perspective, a vision, or imagery.

There is an old Gypsy saying about genius being the angels we were born with.  The phrase has stayed with me for a few days.  The idea of genius has always been a bit scary or distant.  Something associated with Einstein or some other math genius or the rare person with eidetic memory.

I have written previously about how a watermelon seed cannot become a cucumber. And how it is important to find or maybe allow our own seed to develop, to live the life that perhaps we are here to live.

This is a similar thread.  I like that it weaves into my consciousness.  I follow this bright string deep into the place that I live. Whether or not you believe in the ephemeral, spiritual, religious, science fiction, or non-linear concepts of energies, ancestors, spirits, totem animals or angels, there is something about the imagery itself that informs me.. one that elicits something from me, educates me.  

Genius is finding the angels you were born with and giving them voice.  Giving them space. Caring for and welcoming them into your consciousness.  Maybe it is simply listening more deeply to yourself, and then letting those images rise and come forward.