Friday, February 28, 2014


I came across this after writing last week on reflections and thought I would add to the thoughts of last week by passing this on right from David Whyte's website.  For more of his work, the link should take you to his page…  I woke early to the rain and wind, making me remember how big the world is.  Happy Friday!             Misty


…Looking into the waters
of that flooding plain
there was a sense 
that I made some symmetry
with the waiting world
just by seeing and hearing
and that I walked a frontier
between an inward heaven
and the great blue calling,
bird filled, breathing
we call a sky,
and that I stood at the edge
where two worlds
extended both far away
and close within,
so that I raised my palms
against the light
to see that they were real
and could hold the world
between my careful palms,
one horizon between two cradling skies,
looking inward and outward,
and astonished by the great everywhere
both within and without
like an invisible
unspoken invitation
radiating from where I stood,
I saw everything given
and everything taken from me,
I saw the way I had come
and the way I had promised to go,
all in one movement
as something I had become now
and would be forever,
the sheer generosity of being loved
through loving:
the miracle reflection of a twice blessed life.

© David Whyte: Excerpted from CROSSING THE FLOOD
February 2014

PHOTO © David Whyte 2014:
Flooded Port Meadow: Oxford; England.

David Whyte Many Rivers Home

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Don't we all love reflecting pools?  Somehow when one image mirrors another we are able to stop and look more closely at it.  The meditation today is see everything in your world as a reflection of something within yourself.

It could be about the faces around you and their expressions.

It could be about the state of your rooms or houses.

It could be about global conflicts.

Maybe we are just drawn into that place of contemplation where the reflections of the natural world settle us down and center us..

In this place 

we might remember 

or think 

about these words….

                                       “We see the world not as it is but as we are.” – Talmud.

Blessed and thoughtful Sunday to you all..  Misty

Friday, February 14, 2014


Loving yourself is kind of like waiting for spring.  It can be hard to imagine.  I know all of you living through the “polar vortex” of storms this season must be having a challenge remembering that Spring is happening elsewhere.  In this post I have included some Vernal imagery to help restore your heart’s confidence that renewed life is coming, if not yet in your region…

But just like trying to remind yourself that somewhere, a daffodil is remembering how to make a flower and a magnolia tree is cracking open those big waxy blossoms, it is good to work at remembering that you are good.

Sometimes all we can see out the window is the bare limbs of a tree and we can't make the mind SEE what is slowly rising in the bough, or what is being worked on for the month of april.  Like this, sometimes we lose sight of our good parts, our pretty parts, our essential-to-us pieces that bring us joy…. so like this photo journal makes real the loveliness of new life, and reminds us to not abandon hope, so too must we recall for our spirit what is lovable, beautiful and meaningful in us… almost like a new lover would do.

You are perfect even like a Spring bush… many separate blossoms,  some imperfectly crammed into a too small space along the twig that gives it life,  

maybe some that have fallen and are not so pretty anymore, 

but all wonderful!

So on this Valentines Day, instead of either celebrating with that one special person, (other that YOU), or wondering why you DON’T have that one special person, let’s do something else.

Write a love letter to you.

Imagine going 

to the mailbox or picking up a text or email knowing it will be a love letter to you….  Imagine what you would love for it to say..    “You have the biggest heart of anyone I know, I love your  eyes, I cherish when we were at ……I will love you forever!

Let your words be a thousand petals on a blossoming fruit tree, full of light and promise of tomorrow's fulfillment.

Ok now sit down and write three lines to yourself.. 
It isn’t so hard…. Just three to start.  I love you because……..

Decorate it, and put it out where you can see it… read it… and remember that Spring is coming and that LOVE IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE.

Happy V Day.   Hugs, Misty

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today my Scottie girl Iris, 13, died. She had a mass in her stomach. I dug her grave and then Zuzu and I went to the park for a walk and then to the Rock. The clouds were sliding up and over the top and then disappearing. The sea is dark with whitecaps but the sky is blue. I began imagining Iris's spirit sailing along with the clouds, up, up high and over the bay, seeking whatever peace there is for all of us, after. Those that knew her in the therapy room can say a little prayer for her loving spirit. Thanks for all the good wishes.

This is a photo of her with her sister Jasmine, on a trip to Bishop many years ago. She is on the right.

And this one is with Zuzu when she arrived.       We spent a great morning in bed, snuggling…  Farewell my friend.