Saturday, February 23, 2013


Recently a friend wrote the line to me “ I am entirely and stubbornly happy”.  I love that.  Don’t you?  The Buddhists also write about having your karma “cheerfully”.  What an idea!  We CAN float like a channel buoy, around the sharp edges of pain and disappointments, frustrations and sadness.    We can be guided by these markers to inlets, coves and otherwise safe emotional harbors.

How do we do that?  If we stay with the metaphor of the buoy, we can see they are anchored, deeply through the push of tide and swell.  Their lines drag beyond the sway of the seaweeds and sand and find purchase in the solid stone of bedrock that lies beneath the sea.

Spirituality is that which connects us to a world greater than ourselves.   It is a place of bedrock, where we find a less than ego driven identity, an experience of belonging, of mattering to the whole.  I am not the center of the universe, but a part of something much greater.    As the little boy in the movie Hugo says “There are no spare parts…”  We all matter, but more in a collective way; we are part of Nature, our communities, our families, either biological or tribal, our church, or place of worship or work. Our individual experiences, achievements, as well as our losses and challenges are part of a great being, force or energy.

If we KNOW within ourselves that there are forces at work that are bigger than us, two things may occur.  One, we can relax a bit, knowing we don’t have to MANAGE everything, and two, we might play a little and IMAGINE that life as we know it, although it seems real, is an illusion, like last nights dream.  It too, seemed quite real, until we awoke.

Many seekers are looking for the freedom that exists in not being so attached to our everyday lives and people.  We participate, we enjoy, but we also can stand outside of ourselves and observe our lives.  In Eastern traditions, the question of “who is doing the observing” becomes a meditation, an act of letting go.  A moment of knowing that we are not JUST this outer life, that there are illusions within illusions, and when we see this, we get some relief from our ego self. 

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If we are able to achieve this state, even for a brief minute we can grasp the concept of being “Entirely and stubbornly happy”.   Happiness is our choice.  We can ride the pits and mountains of the ego or we can sail along on the spiritual path.  The default path  is to focus only on our own needs, accomplishments and challenges.  It comes with all the personal attachments.  It is helpful to remember that our level of pain is equal to our level of attachment.  The second path comes with focus and practice, and it comes with recognition of all these feelings and experiences, but a deep knowledge of how uplifting and joyful life can be.   Wayne Dwyer was quoted as saying “We are not physical beings trying to have a spiritual life, but spiritual beings trying to have a physical life… 

most happiest elephant in the world

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Which will you choose today?  Can you for today be “entirely and stubbornly happy”

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Breath of Morning

Take a minute…


                                                      Imagine the horizon



                                              Look deep within,

Imagine a journey to that horizon.

Let the soul and mind rise into the golden dawn.
Breath deeply.

Let go.


 Now repeat.......  Good Morning world!