Saturday, June 20, 2015


In Hawaii, OHANA means extended family.  Nice that there is a culture that sees the need for a particular word for it. Like the Native tribes in Canada and Alaska having so many words for snow.

OHANA.   So who in your extended family?  Are they as important, less important or equally important as your biological one?  I do understand that historically there was probably some biological drive to value our own  clan, but maybe those days have passed now.

Is this attitude of  US/THEM not at the base of all trouble in the world?  What if we, spent the next week avoiding that sensibility, and thought of everyone as OHANA?

Belonging.  Being a part of a greater whole.  Having an identity inclusive of all living beings. Period.

Nothing is less than us. No one is less than us.  We all belong.  We are not different because of where we live,  or how many toes we have, or if we like ourselves or if we are four footed and have fur, or eight legs and look like spiders.  Blue skin, or white. Smart or funny.  OHANA.

It seems like an overly simple idea.  But I do want you to think about how often in a day we think of “the other”.  People that are politically on the other side.  People that may not like us.  Animals.  Plants.

Maybe with the help of all our technology we can now see the earth, the world as one organism.  I know that would have seemed beyond my understanding as a young person, but now this consiousness blinks at me like a midnight red light hanging over the intersection.   OHANA

We are here together, we belong together.  We need to help each other achieve a sense of joy and peace.  This means living in respect.  Living in compassion.  Living in a conscious manner.  Not  allowing a sense of other to live within us.


Blessings to you.  Misty  20 June 2015

And happy birthday to my dad, in whatever world you now reside.  You would be 92 today and I would have loved that.