Friday, March 18, 2016


It is through diversity that our species survives.  Mixing our genes pool does nothing but strengthen us.  This is simple genetics.  With so many odd and beautiful creatures that we share the planet with, we live in abundance of differences.  A celebration is in order.

Things you may not know about elephant seals:

They can dive over a mile down.
They fast for the entire time they are on land, ranging from a month to 4 months.
They breathe voluntarily and can slow their metabolic function down to conserve calories and enter a semi coma to rest and sleep.
They travel over 25,00 miles a year doing two migrations annually, females out to the north Pacific and males up to the end of the Aleutian islands.
Pups, born on sand, are left alone by parents to learn to swim, dive, and figure out how to hunt and migrate.
Adult males beginning growing their “trunk” at 6 years and although it doesn’t function like an elephant trunk, it gives the male status and others show the older males respect based on it’s size.

What is different can only teach us.  If we learn this lesson our species might just survive here on the blue planet.

Happy March to you….. Get out there in the natural world and enjoy all those things that are NOT like us!

                                               Blessings, Misty  3/18/16

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