Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I have been gone awhile from this site. Sometimes life takes us away from ourselves, sometimes closer. We must follow the path until we see what the world is bringing us. I think this diversion for me allowed me to own and bring into focus a better sense of my time. So I welcome myself home to this site and wish you all, those who have waited for me the blessings of the day. More to follow.

On this Day of Women, March 8th 2017, my thoughts are these. As a Jungian therapist I see the world as mirror. Many times our personal world will reflect an inner truth, often unconscious or unwanted. I believe that the DT presidency is just that. A reflection of a deep greed that exists in our country. We are so blessed, and yet there is no cultural value for ENOUGH. He is the poster boy for ignorant, spiritually vacant, selfish, narcissistic and xenophobic. Like addiction, until we look at that piece of ourselves, however large or small, and own it, work at understanding the power of it, it brings nothing but destruction all the while claiming to be making us happy. As in the recovery process, we have to grasp this reality before we can change. Yes, this lives within me. This is mine. Only then can we begin the work to change. This is not the work of someone else. This mess is mine. Someone else did not do this to us. I did, with my lack of activity, attention, focus, gratitude, participation, ignorance, disconnection from the earth and what it teaches us.... Without this ownership with either addiction or our current political state, we are hopeless to find the change that will heal us....and perhaps this planet, and this cultural symbol will remain. Our apathy about our government reached the level of sickness, and the only cure, will take us back to that old saying from the 60's that went "If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem." So which is it? And the question is "TODAY and every day forward, what am I doing TODAY to be part of the solution?"

How do I manage my own greed?  How do I nourish my own spiritual journey?  Where is my own selfishness and how does it thread its way into my life?  Where is my fear of what is different and who is different than myself and what can I do to shift this view of the world?  What am I doing today to heal the planet and protect Gaia, Mother Earth?  Today?  Yes, TODAY!

Blessings to you all.  Misty
Los Osos, California

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